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Asked, informed or involved? It’s your choice

We know that you will be interested in the services we run in North Kent but we also know that the amount of time people have, and how involved they want to be in a project like this varies.

That’s why we’ve developed the Citizens’ Panel to be responsive to your needs, with three levels of involvement you can chose from at the start – and the opportunity to change your level whenever, and however often, you want.

You can change levels by dropping us an email or by clicking here. We’ll drop you an email to confirm we’ve received your request and we’ll update our records.

As a member of the Citizens’ Panel, you’ll be kept up to date with the work HCRG Care Group is doing across North Kent no matter which level you chose.


If you chose to be ‘informed’ then you’ll receive regular newsletters by email or post and updates on work we’ve been doing in the area. We’ll send you information about new services, and guides to the services available for conditions you’ve told us you’re interested in.

We’ll be in touch regularly with updates, but we’ll only send you information when we’ve something to tell you. 


As an ‘asked’ level member, you’ll get everything an informed member does but you’ll also be asked to take part in surveys, have the chance to vote on awards, see and give us your views on service options and use our online chat room to discuss the services.

We’ll be in touch regularly with updates, and we’ll send you surveys and other chances to give us your views as and when they come up. We don’t expect that this will be more than twice a month and there’s no obligation to respond every time.


Involved is our top level of membership of the Citizens’ Panel, and it’s ideal for you if you want to get stuck in to helping to co-design services, review and co-design communications materials with patients.  We might also ask you to help test the latest health apps and innovations.

What now?

If you’ve made your decision, click here to sign up – or if you’ve got a question then get in touch and we’ll help you out. We’re looking forward to you joining the panel and keeping you up to date with our work.