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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us

Feedback like that you just gave us helps us to know where we’re getting things right, where we could improve and what we could change to help you feel the difference. ¬†So I want to invite you to get updates as we improve your services and have the opportunity to share your views with us in the future by joining our Citizens’ Panel.

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The Citizens’ Panel is a group of residents in North Kent who help to shape our services by giving their views and insight on how they work, and how they could be improved. It’s completely free to join, and taking part is as simple as that survey you just did. ¬†Whether you regularly use services or not, your view is really valuable to us as we work to improve services up until 2027.

To sign up, all you need to do is click here and fill in some details. If you’ve any questions you can drop me an email:

Engagement Lead, North Kent Adult Community Services.


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